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¡Adelante! America California Site

Location: Hollister, CA
Partner Organization: San Benito County LULAC Council #2890
Social Media: Facebook

About San Benito County LULAC Council #2890

San Benito County LULAC was formed on October 17, 1987. The San Benito County LULAC Youth Council was formed on October 5, 1989 and currently has a membership of 47 members attending local schools from the 6th to 12th grades. The San Benito County Young Adult Collegiate Council was formed on February 10, 2000, presently has a 37 membership of local college/university students attending schools statewide. Within our three divisions of membership, San Benito County LULAC is the largest membership LULAC Council in District #12 and in California.

Student Quotes

Below you will find some student anecdotes gathered at the end of the 2016 ¡Adelante! America Program.

"While I come from a low income family with hard working parents, I don’t often get a chance to participate in clubs and programs but a LULAC member encourage parents to support their students to become part of the Adelante program, so I became a participate and I am so glad that I did because the program has encouraged me that no matter what our family circumstances may be, we must go forward in getting an education and someday making a big difference in our families. Thank you LULAC and Adelante Program, you have certainly supported me this past year.

"I am a Dreamer student and am concerned over the situation of many students. I joined Adelante and found hope and encouragement especially from the mentors and adult volunteers who help with the program. I would like to become an interpreter someday and I often speak with adults when we visit agencies and I was surprised to get so much support. I love being part of Adelante and always speak to my friends on how it has helped me. I got a chance to plan a student conference and that alone gave me confidence . Thank you."

Program Pictures