CATF Report on Methane:

Latino communities are more likely to face serious health risks caused by air pollution due to higher poverty levels and relatively lower rates of health insurance. These factors contribute to an increase in health threats and conditions from air pollution. This report examines the elevated health risk that millions of Latinos face due to pollution from oil and gas facilities. Specifically, the report finds that:

• More than 1.81 million Latinos live within a half mile of existing oil and gas facilities and the number is growing every year.

• As a result, many Latino communities face an elevated risk of cancer due to air toxics emissions from oil and gas development: Nearly 1.78 million Latinos live in counties that face a cancer risk above EPA’s level of concern from toxics emitted by oil and gas facilities.

• The air in many Latino communities violates air quality standards for ozone smog: As a result of ozone increases due to oil and gas emissions during the summer ozone season, Latino communities are burdened by 153,000 childhood asthma attacks and 112,000 lost school days each year.

• Rates of asthma are relatively high in Latino communities.

• Many Latinos are particularly burdened with health impacts from this air pollution due to high levels of poverty and relatively low rates of health insurance coverage.