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¡Adelante! America Texas Site

Location: Dallas, TX
Partner Organization: Irma Rangel LULAC Youth Council #1021

About Irma Rangel LULAC Youth Council #1021

The Irma Rangel LULAC Youth Council #1021 has been an active council since fall 2007. Currently serving about 120 youth members from 9th to 12th grade. They currently run out of the Irma Rangel Young Women’s Leadership School in Dallas, TX. The Irma Rangel LULAC Youth Council #1021 plans many community service events for their members and require each to make a 40 hour commitment to serve the Dallas/Ft. Worth community each school year. They also expose our members to many higher education workshops through active participation in summer camps, community events and state and national conventions.

Student Quotes

Below you will find some student anecdotes gathered at the end of the 2016 ¡Adelante! America Program.

"Adelante has opened my eyes to the pathway of nurturing our community’s young leaders. This program has also allowed for all of us to become better leaders by incorporating useful skills in our everyday lives. My favorite part of the program would be the finance course we participated in with Wells Fargo because we were able to discuss money management, the differences between loans, grants and scholarships; while also learning the dangers and benefits of credit cards. Adelante has surely impacted my life and has given me the confidence to lead others and encourage them to lead me."

"Adelante has been a program where I can grow not only as a leader, but as a teammate as well. We are able to work together to accomplish tasks that seem tedious to just do ourselves. I enjoyed working on Career Day the most since it allowed us to collaborate on an exciting day and pull all of our efforts."

Program Pictures