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* 2024 LULAC National Convention & Exposition.



As the fastest growing population in the United States, Latinos have become important in every aspect of American society. Even more important are the upcoming generations that will one day cultivate into this nation’s prominent leaders. Each generation endures injustices and as the years progress,

Latino Youth have been vocal about their own injustices and have been proactive in attaining their civil rights. As one of the age groups that that keep up with the most recent trends, Latino Youth have taken on social media efforts to change the discussions about social justice through online displays of injustices and civil rights efforts. Latino youth are a vital demographic in the United States and LULAC believes in investing in youth, providing resources and mentorship to help youth achieve their fullest potential and develop in the leaders that they are. The LULAC Youth is an entity designed to carry forth the work of LULAC at the teenage level and to serve as a training base for its members through social, civic, sports, and parliamentary activities.

The focus of the LULAC Youth program is the development of young people in bettering themselves and their community through positive educational experiences. LULAC Youth members are supported by responsible LULAC adult members who have demonstrated an interest in the wellbeing of our youth and serve as role models for the LULAC Youth Council members as well as their respective communities.

LULAC National Youth Convention

During the LULAC National Youth Convention, LULAC Youth have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities. Youth engage in leadership training workshops and receive educational panel discussions aimed at providing them with resources that will prepare them to have tools of which they can use when they go back to their respective communities. In addition, LULAC Youth partake in banquet events with nationally recognized speakers and dynamic concerts.

The LULAC National exposition is also open to LULAC Youth and is aimed at providing them with career, internship and college resources from an early start. Furthermore, LULAC Youth also get the opportunity to elect their leadership for the following year. For more information, please view our agenda.

Youth Agenda