The League of United Latin American Citizens invites you to participate in the 90th Annual LULAC National Convention & Exposition in Milwaukee, WI from July 9 through July 13, 2019. As the premier Hispanic convention, the LULAC National Convention draws over 20,000 participants each year including the top leaders from government, business, and the Latino community.

The Federal Training Institute (FTI)

The Federal Government is in a constant stage of growth and change. A knowledge-based economy and dramatic advances in technology are having a dramatic impact on how government work is accomplished. An increased emphasis on results and rising expectations of service by those it serves creates an additional layer of complexity to how federal agencies implement their missions. America’s diverse and dynamic society requires a special brand of leadership skilled in keeping pace with its changing needs. As a result, the Federal Government Civil Service workforce is changing by becoming more diverse, expecting more flexibility, and creating more vehicles to develop its workforce. As human resource management is reshaped to leverage its employees as capital to be invested in, government agencies are moving to recruit a diverse cadre of people and retain the best through carefully crafted career development and training programs that build strong leaders who can serve America in the future. This three day training is open to all employees; it presents a unique opportunity to develop competencies essential to the new leadership culture in the Federal Government. FTI is dedicated to presenting a recommended progression for maximum development throughout an individual’s career leadership path.

FTI in partnership with the Office of Personnel Management, and other Federal agencies offers a leadership development curriculum that includes situational leadership, conflict management, and strategies for success. Each year FTI builds upon the success of its past curriculum by offering courses that meet federal agency training requirements and directly address each of the five Senior Executive Service Core Qualifications and or new initiatives within the government that may impact the employee development and the community it serves. Listed below are some of the workshops offered:

“Doing More with Less: Effective Process Improvement and Change Management”
“Emotional Intelligence for Leaders”
“Transforming Yourself into a Strategic Leader”
“Branding Yourself: How to Create a Professional Portfolio!”
“Strategic Diversity Recruitment”
“Understanding and Working with Different Generations”
“The 3 “G”s to a Successful Assignment”
“Diversified Recruitment Strategies and User Friendly Websites”
“Leadership Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) Competencies – GS 14 and 15
“Leadership ECQ Competencies GS-14 and 15 Inventory"
“Hispanic Employment Symposium”

What You Will Gain

While developing your knowledge in the re-engineered Leadership Journey Program specifically designed to effectively serve the American people. Included in the program’s Core Leadership Curriculum, are competencies that encompass the Executive Core Qualifications, (ECQ’s). Skills to be gained through this curriculum include: situational leadership skills, team and coalition development, project management, budget and procurement competency, interpersonal skills; and, thereby, satisfy individual development program related to Leadership Development Training.

What Your Agency Will Gain

Federal agencies will benefit from the timely and cost effective implementation of their mission through the broadening of employee ability to drive organizational results, serve customers, and build teams, partnerships and coalitions as reflected in the newly designed programs that build strong leaders to serve America in the future. Employee attendance will assist agencies in meeting their training requirements, in managerial succession planning through development of current and future managers and leaders. Attendees will return to their agencies with increased enthusiasm for their leadership role and with the knowledge and tools to make more confident and effective contributions. Members of the Senior Executive Service, seasoned Federal employees with vast knowledge in their areas of expertise and private contractors that serve as and/or facilitate training for the different Federal agencies facilitate workshops, breakout, and plenary sessions in the Core Leadership Curriculum.

Who Should Attend

FTI is designed for public sector employees, including educational and military personnel, in team leader, supervisor, manager or senior executive level positions, and professional administrative and technical personnel who are in various stages of their careers. This program is also designed for those interested in engaging in a career development plan that prepares the individual to meet the challenges of the new workplace environment.

Attendance Justification Statement

The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) is a non-profit employee advocacy, training and education professional development organization that executes a preeminent annual Federal Training Institute (FTI). The FTI is a recognized leader in developing the values and competencies that are the foundation of public service, transcending individual professions and missions.

FTI provides low cost/high benefit quality individual career development planning that meets federal agency requirements as reflected in the newly designed programs in and outside government. Attendees benefit from the recommended career path, designed to establish them as competitive candidates for selection to upper level managerial and senior executive candidate positions. The instruction and mentoring offered prepares FTI participants to meet the challenges of a changing workplace and to recognize, appreciate and embrace a leadership role consistent with the essential elements required to become part of the nation’s 21st century workforce.

FTI workshops and forums follow closely the U. S Office of Personnel Management Development Centers (OPMDC) and other Federal agencies. The FTI faculty includes experts who provide perspectives on key issues affecting the workplace. These perspectives include strategic integration of human capital management, effective leadership, budget and performance integration and career development planning for Individual Development Plans, emerging technologies, leveraging diversity and equal employment opportunity.

Participation in FTI will benefit Federal agencies through broadening their employees’ abilities to drive organizational results, serve customers, and build teams, partnerships and coalitions in and outside government. It may also assist participants charged with the recruitment, retention and development of employees in identifying appropriate practices to improve the effectiveness of each agency's efforts to recruit, hire, promote, retain, develop, and train a diverse and inclusive workforce, consistent with merit system principles and applicable law as required in Executive Order 13583-- Establishing a Coordinated Government-wide Initiative to Promote Diversity and Inclusion in the Federal Workforce. The enhanced competency of their workforce will result in the increased ability for Federal agencies to implement their mission in a timelier and cost effective manner.

The LULAC Federal Training Institute qualifies as training in compliance with:

5 U.S.C. Chapter 41; Federal Government, Title 5 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 251 (5 CFR Part 251) titled Agency Relations with Organizations Representing Federal Employees and Other Organizations; Executive Order 11348 as amended by Executive Order 12107 titled Further Training of Government Employees, and the Executive Order 13111 titled Using Technology to Improve Training Opportunities for Federal Government Employees.

Draft Agenda


Established in 1984, recognition of the LULAC Federal Training is demonstrated by the following partners:

  • Department of Agriculture
    o Food and Nutrition Service
    o Food Safety and Inspection Service

  • Office of Personnel Management Development Centers

  • Graduate School, USDA

  • Department of Defense
    o United States Air Force
    o United States Army
    o United States Navy

  • Department of Homeland Security

  • Department of the Interior
    o Bureau of Land Management

  • Department of Justice
    o Federal Bureau of Investigation
    o Federal Bureau of Prisons

  • Office of Personnel Management

  • Department of Transportation
    o Federal Aviation Administration

  • Department of Energy

  • Environmental Protection Agency

  • Social Security Administration

  • Department of Health and Human Services
    o Office of Minority Health

FTI Registration

2019 Convention Registration FTI Package

Documents and Forms


2019 FTI Agenda

(Draft) subject to change
2019 Presenters Application Package

2019 Presenters Application Package

LULAC is pleased to announce a Request for Proposal for the FTI Senior Executive and Leadership Development Training workshops. We invite you to submit a proposal to present at the aforementioned event to take place during the 90th Annual LULAC National Convention & Exposition in Milwaukee WI from July 9 through July 12, 2019. The FTI training dates are July 9-12. 2019.. (PDF format)

2019 FTI Excellence in Service Award

LULAC since its inception has valued extraordinary voluntary activities contributing to the wellbeing of our country’s citizenries by the uniformed services and civilians of DOD, NOAA and HHS who support those in uniform. In recognition of individual and team contributions to our fellow citizens, The League of United Latin American Citizens request nominations for its Uniformed Services Public Service Awards in accordance with the following criteria. (PDF format)

If you prefer to send your paper registration form please scan it and email it to 2019FTIRegistration@LULAC.org

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