Collegiate Membership & Benefits

What is a Collegiate LULAC Council?

A Council is an affiliated unit (or chapter) of LULAC and is comprised of college student volunteer members who work within a community under the authority of a “Charter” endorsed by the LULAC National Board of Directors. There are nearly 500 college students throughout the United States and Puerto Rico that work to improve the quality of life for Latinos in their communities.

The Benefits of Starting a Collegiate LULAC Council

Opportunity to apply to the LULAC educational scholarships, $600,000 awarded annually;

  1. Opportunity to apply to LULAC National and LULAC Corporate Alliance internships;
  2. Access to leadership training sessions;
  3. Access to career development webinars and professional development sessions (e.g. networking skills, social networking, mentoring, interview techniques, resume building);
  4. Access to attend local, state and national LULAC events;
  5. Build and expand your network of college and university peers;
  6. Opportunity to make a community impact and advance the economic conditions, education, political influence, housing, health and civil rights of the Latinos in your community.

How to Establish a Council on Campus

After establishing your desire to begin a council through LULAC:

  1. Submit a 500 word letter of intent, expressing your reasons for wanting to establish a College Chapter. E-mail to LULAC National Director of Programs, Elizabeth Garcia:
  2. Submit the full name, contact number, email and college or university you are currently attending.
  3. Submit to LULAC your college or universities current procedures for establishing a recognized organization on campus.

LULAC College/University Charter Application Instructions

Application for Charter/Contact Information Form:
Complete the required information with the name of the person who will be the point of contact. This person is usually the acting Collegiate Council president.

Contact Information Release Form:
This form is a contact information release waiver authorizing the LULAC National Office to post contact information on the LULAC website.

Annual Collegiate Council Charter Agreement:
This agreement is part of the by-laws of the organization that explain the responsibilities and duties of the council, members and the national organization. Sign and date the document. Keep a copy for your records and return the original to the Membership Office.

Worksheet and Council Membership Roster:
Clearly print or type the name, address city/state and zip code, telephone number with area code of each member and email address. Please note, 10 members are required to form and maintain a new council. Please list members in alphabetical order if possible.

Also, indicate the elected office of each member: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Parliamentarian, Sergeant At Arms. Also indicated whether Mr., Mrs., Ms.

Once the forms are completed and the dues have been calculated, please make your checks payable to ‘LULAC National’ for the total amount due. Contact your district and state director for their schedule of dues. Remember to always keep a copy of all paper- work and checks for your records.

Membership Dues & Fees:

Charter Fees:

Annual Charter Fee $75.00
Initiation Fee $ 6.00 X (Number of Members)
Membership dues$1.25 per month X Number of Members
Total dues ____________ sent to National Office


If creating a council beginning in January 2016 with 10 members:
Charter Fee$75.00
Initiation Fees$60.00 = $6.00 X 10 members
Member Dues$150.00 = $15.00 X 10 members
Total duessent to National Office $285.00
If creating a council starting in March of 2016 with 12 members:
Charter Fee$75.00
Initiation Fees$72.00 = $6.00 X 12 members
Member Dues$150.00 = $12.50 X 12 members Prorated for 10 months (March-Dec. 2016)
Total duessent to National Office $297.00

How to Contact Membership Services:

The Membership Services Department and the membership coordinator are located in the LULAC Office in El Paso, Texas at:

221 North Kansas St., Suite 501
El Paso, Texas 79901
(915) 577-0726 Fax: (915) 577-0914
Email:Guadalupe Morales

Your Young Adult National Representative:
Abigail Zapote, Email: