Walk the Walk: Policy Should Reflect American Values

By Jossie Flor Sapunar on 07/11/2012 @ 07:00 PM

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LULAC Dallas Rainbow Council 4871

LULAC Dallas Rainbow Council 4871 is a model to follow for passion, commitment, and mobilization.

Though our country has made advancements in civil rights, too many people continue to face discrimination. Today, people of color are not the only ones that must contend with discriminatory practices. Members of the LGBT community face adversity, but they are quickly gaining momentum—and allies.

LULAC, a group that has long advocated for LGBT civil rights, passed a resolution on marriage equality at the National Convention in Orlando, Florida, thus continuing to uphold its mission of comprehensive support for the Latino community.

Yesterday, LULAC as part of a coalition of prominent Latino organizations launched the Familia Es Familia campaign to focus on eliminating the stigma associated with LGBT in the Latino community. The campaign will also fight for same sex marriage equality by fostering dialogue and associations; and increase support and acceptance through community engagement.

The general public is taking notice of minority groups’ increasing support for the LGBT community, even stating that Latino support has outpaced that of the general population. Advocating for LGBT, however, is not limited to only the Latino community, as some have swiftly stated; the reality is that the majority of the population supports marriage equality. The Center for American Progress released material that supports exactly this finding: marriage equality is now a mainstream value.

Although minority organizations and the LGBT community carry the weight of discrimination and intolerance, every individual ultimately shares a unique commonality that binds us as one people. The human factor has become a too powerful bond to ignore.

The support is present, but what is missing is universal and overwhelming action across, not only the minority groups, but every other American that believes in equality and justice.


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