Escape the Vape! Say “no” to Tobacco

Posted on 12/16/2021 @ 04:36 AM

Tags: Health

By Jennifer Reyes, Health Program Coordinator

In continuation of our partnership with the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids aimed at addressing the impact tobacco use has on the Latino community, on December 6, 2021, LULAC hosted a virtual workshop with CTFK’s Director of Youth Advocacy, Gustavo Torrez. During this session, Gustavo guided youth and young adults through an interactive workshop, introducing participants to social setting prompts and situations with the goal of building confidence in handling peer pressure and successfully saying “no” to tobacco products in social settings..

It was interesting to hear the different reasons for which our youth and young adults choose to not vape. Andres Rodriguez, LULAC’s National Vice President for Young Adults, shared his testimony of why he chooses to stay tobacco free. He has seen first-hand how tobacco has impacted his family’s health through lung cancer and other tobacco related issues. The other young adults expressed similar sentiments of staying tobacco free because they value taking care of their health and well-being.

Your voice is powerful! If vaping is impacting you, your friends, family members or school, you can speak up and out. These are some simple ways you can take action.

  1. check out current actions you can take to take down commercial tobacco.
  2. learn the skills you need to advocate for change.
  3. Are you or a friend struggling with vaping? Text TAKEDOWN to 88709 for an anonymous text service designed to help young people quit vaping.

Additionally, LULAC and the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids created a toolkit of curated guidance and resources for Latino youth and communities. The toolkit is in both Spanish and English and includes relevant background information on the tobacco industry’s targeting of Latino communities, tobacco products and use, health impacts of tobacco, scenarios on saying no, and messaging to encourage others to avoid tobacco. Check out the toolkits and learn more here:


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