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Resolution Vet Hunters Campaign to Eradicate Homeless Veterans by 2015

WHEREAS, the League of United Latin American Citizens is the nation's oldest and largest Latino membership organization and since its inception has fostered higher education and the advancement of all Hispanics at all levels and facets of our American society and

WHEREAS, The Yet Hunters Project is a non-profit organization founded by Joe Leal. YHP is dedicated to preventing and ending homelessness for all military YeteransIF amilies and individual Americans they meet; and

WHEREAS, The Vet Hunters Project (VHP) is a grass roots movement that was started by one Soldier who vowed to Honor his Fanen Comrades, by serving the Living and 1eaving no Veteran behind; and

WHEREAS, Vet Hunters "Vet Hunt," in areas such as washes, canyons, streets and under bridges. When the Platoon members are not Vet Hunting, they are raising awareness all while bringing solutions to ending homelessness For Vet Hunters, when it is a Homeless Veteran issue it is a 2417 issue. This is why VHP goes beyond 9-5 Monday through Friday and at times, the weekends; and

WHEREAS, VHP's missions are; * Daily Search and Rescue Missions * Establishing counts of Homeless Veterans. * Delivering basic Resources to Homeless Veterans consistently in their Villages. *Continued "VetWorking" within the entire community of Veteran Service Organizations, Homeless Coalition partners, Law Enforcement and Military Leaders. * VHP revolves around the idea that social change starts on the individual level and that helping even one person can lead to change in an entire community; and

WHEREAS, VHP Vet Hunters will once again ride for "No Homeless Veterans in America" a 2,700 mile bicycle Trek, leaving Los Angeles on August, arriving in Washington DC. Sept. 11th, 2012; and

WHEREAS, Vet Hunters is actively training and fundraising to help make their "No Homeless Veterans," 2,700 mile bicycle trek, possible. They plan to leave Los Angeles Skid Row in August, 2012 arriving in Washington D.C. September 11, 2012. They plan on raising awareness on the Homeless Veteran issue and show how anyone can get involved and become the solution; and

WHEREAS, When in Washington D.C., Vet Hunters plan on meeting with Congressional/Senate/Veterans Affairs Leadership and the Secretary of Labor, to further discuss our idea "Veterans to Ride Public Transportation for FREE. "; and

WHEREAS, Vet Hunters continue to gather research on this solution to ending Veteran Homelessness. Everyone from Veterans Affairs employees, Colleges, Military Leadership, Servicemembers, and Veteran service providers. All agree that this would be tremendously helpful m eliminating homelessness.

THEREFORE LET IT BE RESOLVED THAT: New Mexico League of United Latin American Citizens wholeheartedly supports the Vet Hunters Project and their goal of eliminating homeless veterans; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT: New Mexico LULAC will help organize and sponsor support in Albuquerque, New Mexico as they travel through the state of New Mexico in August 2012 on their way to Washington D.C.: and

BE IT FURTHER RESOL VED THAT: New Mexico LULAC encourage all LULAC Councils in the states that Vet Hunters plan on traveling through to help support the Vet Hunters Project and their mission in Washington D.C. to eradicate homeless veterans

Approved this 30th day of June 2012.

Margaret Moran
LULAC National President