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Resolution To Commend LULAC Member Sal Alvarez For Papal Award

Whereas, Pope Benedict XVI has bestowed "The Cross Pro Eclesia et Pontifice" upon California LULAC Chaplain, Reverend Deacon Sal Alvarez, the highest Papal Award for laity and clergy; and

Whereas, Deacon -Alvarez was founding member of LULAC Council #3090 in 2000, has served as District and California Deputy Director; and

Whereas, Deacon Alvarez was bestowed this Papal Award for participating in peace delegations to 20 nations around the world, including Israel, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana, El Salvador, Guatemala, Philippines, Vietnam, Australia, and served as International Observer for the United Nations during elections held in Oaxaca, Mexico in 2010; and

Whereas, LULAC Chaplain Sal Alvarez will attend the Gandhi International Conference on Non-Violence in Durban, South Arica, July28-August 5,2012, as a representative of the Interfaith Delegation from the United States; and

Therefore, be it resolved that California LULAC commends California LULAC Chaplain, Reverend Deacon Sal Alvarez, as a recipient of the Pope Benedict Award, "The Cross Pro Eclesia et Pontifice" for International Interfaith Delegations in which he has participated which have promoted human rights; social justice, peace and non-violence around the world..

Approved this 30th day of June 2012.

Margaret Moran
LULAC National President