In Support of the Humanitarian Release of Ramsey Muniz

WHEREAS, the League of United Latin American Citizens is this nation’s oldest and largest Latino organization, founded in Corpus Christi, Texas on February 17, 1929; and

WHEREAS, LULAC throughout its history has committed itself to the principles that Latinos have equal access to opportunities in employment, education, housing and healthcare; and

WHEREAS, Ramiro "Ramsey" Muniz, a native of Corpus Christi, Texas, received a Juris Doctor Degree from Saylor School of Law; and

WHEREAS, Ramsey Muniz, a leader during the Civil Rights Movement, fought for justice and equality for Mexican Americans, Chicanos, Hispanics, and Latinos; and

WHEREAS, Ramsey Muniz was a Texas gubernatorial candidate in 1972 and 1974 for La Raza Unida Party, an independent political party; and

WHEREAS, Ramsey Muniz gave Mexican Americans, Chicanos, Hispanics, and Latinos a voice in the political arena and his contributions are recognized and noted as part of Texas history; and

WHEREAS, key information was withheld in the Ramsey Muniz trial and he was denied his constitutional rights granted by the 5th Amendment - Due Process of the Law, and the 14th Amendment - Equal Protection Under the Law; and

WHEREAS, Ramsey Muniz is serving a sentence of life without parole, which constitutes Cruel and Unusual Punishment; and

WHEREAS, Ramsey Muniz, who is 68 years of age, and others who are wrongly incarcerated endure great suffering; and well as their families; and

WHEREAS, LULAC is the oldest and largest Latino organization that supports civil rights for all citizens including those who are unjustly incarcerated; and

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the League of United Latin American Citizens supports all efforts to free Ramsey Muniz and requests the support of President Barack Obama in granting him an immediate Commutation of Sentence.

Approved this 1st day of July 2011.

Margaret Moran
LULAC National President