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2006 LULAC Resolutions

Resolution for Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

AZ1 - Border Issues Resolution.

AZ2 - Resolution demanding that volunteer armed militia, private vigilante group in Southern Arizona region be barred from intervening in immigration enforcement efforts.

AZ3 - Restoring restoration and reauthorization of U.S. Department of Labor National Farm worker job training; migrant youth and farm worker housing program to the 2006-07 budget.

AZ4 - A resolution calling for restoration of SBA micro-loan program to the 2007 budget.

AZ5 - A resolution paying tribute to Charles Tamez and his legacy of “SI SE PUDO”.

CA1 - Boycott of Charles Krug and C.K. Mondavi Wines.

CA2 - A resolution calling for international boycott of Kimberly Clark products like VIVA, paper towels, Scott toilet papers, Depends, Huggies, Diapers, Kleenex, Pull-Ups and Kotex.

CA3 - A resolution in favor of English Plus.

CA4 - Condems Orange County Enforcing Immigration Laws..

CA7 - A resolution calling on members and California citizens calling on members to join Californians for technology and video choice as proposed in legislation currently pending before the California State legislature “AB 2987”.

CA8 - A resolution opposing the Sensenbrenner bill H.R. 4437.


CA11 - The continued support of U.S. Senate bill S2075 and House of Representatives H.R. 5131 DREAM Act.

CA15 - Calls on organization to take necessary steps to have Orange County, California designated as a county in need of protection under Section 5 of VRA.

CA17 - Resolution for LULAC to promote H.R. 2134 for the establishment of National Museum of the Latin American Community.

CA21 - Resolution on California School Districts to include curricula about GARIFUNA history and culture during black and Latino history month.

CA23 - Resolution to urge Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the state legislators and the superintendent of public instruction, the state board of education, and its local education leaders to make education a top priority for all by leaving no student behind and creating different means for students to show they have earned a high school diploma.

FL1 - In defense of the Media.

FL2 - Resolution calls for the support and endorsement of the Hispanic American diabetes foundation in combating diabetes mellitus and the “2nd Latin American HADF Theater Festival 2006”.

FL4 - Resolution calling on the U.S. Congress to renegotiate free trade agreement reached with the Andean countries.

FL5 - Resolution for the U.S. to lift all travel restrictions to Cuba by Cubans whose family members reside in Cuba.

MA2 - Resolution endorses opposition to Boston University’s Bioterrorism Lab and urges the Boston City Council and Mayor Menino to pass an ordinance prohibiting research in BSL4 laboratories within the city of Boston.

PR3 - Resolution to demand from the U.S. Congress and President George W. Bush the enforcement of a non-colonial alternative to solve the century political condition in Puerto Rico before this present electoral term in office ends.

PR4 - Resolution calls for equal rights of Puerto Ricans.

PR5 - Calling for creation of veteran hospital in Puerto Rico.

PR6 - R. del S. 2307 this calls for investigation to determine the reasons for the delay of a veterans cemetery in Agua Dilla Puerto Rico.

TX2 - Resolution for LULAC to advocate the immediate release of former La Raza Unida Party gubernatorial candidate Ramiro R. “RAMSEY” Muniz from prison due to medical and humanitarian reasons.

TX3 - Resolution calls for a campaign to promote and support the film entitled “La Tragedia de Macario” by Pablo Veliz.

TX5 - Resolution to promote community discussion-forums on defining and seeking designation of “sanctuary” for cities throughout the USA in an effort to protect the constitutional and human rights of American citizens and immigrants.

TX6 - Resolution that the LULAC National Assembly does hereby support amending the Federal Hate Crimes Act to include the following:

  1. Imposition of the charge for acts committee on private property

  2. Creation of a Hate Crimes Registry which will allow all Hate Crimes offenses to be tracked and reported to the community,
    with access to find and verify Hate Crimes offenders in the United States

  3. Tracking of Hate Crimes Groups by all federal enforcement agencies

TX - Local Law Enforcement to Federal Immigration Law.

Resolution denouncing Arizona Gubernatorial candidate Dan Goldwater for his comments regarding undocumented immigrants in concentration camps in Arizona.

Resolution calls for the federal government to ensure a prevailing wage for H-2 guest workers and American workers alike.