2005 LULAC Resolutions

The following resolutions were adopted this 27th day of August, 2005, at the National Executive Board Meeting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin:

LULAC Urges President Bush to Fund the New Mexico State University and the National Homeward Bound Program 

In Support of the Bringing New and/or Expanded Air Service to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

The following resolutions were passed by the LULAC National Assembly on July, 2005 at the LULAC National Convention in Little Rock, Arkansas:

AZ 1 - Restoration and Reauthorization of the US DOL National Farm worker Job Training, Migrant Youth and Farmworker Housing Program 

AZ 2 - Reaffirmation of Laws Prohibiting Discrimination Against Students Based on Citizenship, Race or National Origin

AZ 3 - Restoration of the Small Business Administration Micro Loan Program to 2006 Bgt 

AZ 4 - Against non-governmental, private citizen vigilantes

AZ 5 - Support U.S. Postage Stamp Honoring Ruben Salazar (Journalist)

CA 1 - Embrace Peaceful Action to Promote World Peace

CA 2 - Opposing CAFTA: Central American Free Trade Agreement

CA 3 - In support for Filipino Veterans of WWII

CA 5 - In support of Senator Dunn's Bills on Restitutions for Mexican American Deported in the 1930's 

CA 6 - To support California Bill in support of the Dream Act 

CA 7 - To End Harassment and Discrimination in the Workplace by Amending Section 12940(J) of the California Government Code 

CA 8 - Change FBI Crime Report definition of "rape" - pdf format 

CA 9 - Enforce Collection of Child Support - pdf format 

CA 10 - Not Support Orange County Calif. Sheriff that wants to enforce Immigration laws - pdf format 

CA 11- Second Chance Education for Ex-Cons - pdf format 

CA 12 - No to Military Recruitment in America's High Schools

CA 15 - LULAC to Support Cesar Chavez National Holiday  

CA 16 - Posthumous Tribute to Corky Gonzales, Miguel Contreras, and Lalo Guerrero   

CA 17 - To Oppose "Minutemen" Vigilante Group 

CA 19 - Los Angeles California The Tribune Co. Improve hire, promoting etc. more Hispanics 

CA 20 - Denounce Mexico Issuing "Memin Pinguin" Postage Stamp - pdf format 

FL 1 - In Defense of Media: Justice Dept Investigation..allegations of false prosecution of Hisp Journalist

FL 2 - Supporting the Efforts of Fair Trade Advocates to Defeat the Passage of the Central American Free Trade Agreement

FL 3 - Allow Immigrant Students to Pay In-State Tuition in Florida and other states

FL 5 - To Support "Allies for Little Havana's" Efforts to Respond to Health Disparities

FL 4 - Eliminate 2-Tier Pay for Spanish-language News/Entertainment programming - pdf format 

FL 6 - U.S. Army Corp of Eng pay a fair market price for Condemned Wetlands for Hisp Owners - pdf format 

PR 1 - Support the Permanence of Fort Buchanan in Puerto Rico, the only Base with Active Personnel in the Caribbean 

PR 2 - Puerto Rico responds to the National Security Plan 

PR 3 - To Demand form the U.S. Congress and President George W. Bush the Enforcement of a Non-Colonial Alternative to Solve the Century Political Condition in Puerto Rico Before the End of the Present Electoral Term 

PR 4 - Support the Permanence of the Aerea Muñiz and Fort Buchanan Bases in Puerto Rico 

TX 2 - Support Congressional Medal of Honor for 1st Sgt. Alberto Cuellar - pdf format

TX 3 - To Form Coalitions with other Ethnic Minority Groups to Promote Civil Rights

TX 4 - In Support of Reauthorization of the Voting Rights Act 

TX 5 - To Denounce the Circulation of the Mexican Postage Stamp Depicting “Memin Pinguin" 

TX 6 - LULAC Appoint a Committee to Investigate electoral fraud in Rio Grande Valley, Tx

TX 7 - LULAC Support Oceanic Conversation Organization to protect biosphere

Nat VPs 1 - LULAC engage in a discussion with TASER Technology re:appropriate use of TASERS - pdf format

Floor 1 - New Process for Supreme Court Nominee Support - pdf format

Floor 2 - Women's Rights In International Trade - pdf format

Floor 6 - Recognize Paisanos Al Rescate of El Paso, TX Save Crosser From Mexico - pdf format

Floor 7 - National Drop Out Crisis - pdf format

Floor 9 - Extending Hazelwood Act - extend benefits for children of veterans - pdf format

Floor 11 - National Housing Policy - pdf format