The Business of American Democracy Remains Incomplete

Did you know that:

  • The tax burden on the average American taxpayers to support Puerto Rico is $400 per year!
  • Puerto Rican natives are U.S. Citizens.
  • Per capita, Puerto Ricans contribute the highest numbers to our armed forces.
  • U.S. citizens from Puerto Rico cannot vote for President of the U.S., their Commander in Chief, and have no vote in Congress.
  • U.S. citizens that move to Puerto Rico looses many of their rights and privileges, such as voting for the U.S. President, even though they would retain the same right if they moved to foreign countries, including to countries that are enemies of the U.S. such as Cuba, Tehran, Iran or North Korea. In other words U.S. citizens have more rights in a foreign country than in U.S. soil!
  • All of the above are the result of the current territorial/colonial status of Puerto Rico? The nefarious doctrine called “separate but equal,” which allowed the blatant discriminatory treatment of African-Americans for many decades, was extended to Puerto Rican-Americans and was openly converted into a legalized doctrine of “separate and unequal.”

These economic and civil rights inequities must be eradicated. We are petitioning the President of the United States and Congress, to pass legislation allowing the U.S. citizens of Puerto Rico to choose among non-territorial, non-colonial options.

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