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We are strongly opposed to H.R. 1, which would result in $60 billion of massive cuts to programs that serve the neediest, most vulnerable members of our society. This bill, if passed, will decimate many education programs proven to be effective in educating minority youth. The cuts would result in fewer children in Head Start, less help for students to attend college, less job training, and more Americans without access to quality health care.

In particular, we oppose the reduction in funding of the TRIO educational programs by $24.9 million which would kick 87,000 vulnerable middle and high school students out of the program. TRIO provides intensive academic tutoring, college and career counseling, financial aid advising, and personal mentoring that enables low-income students to achieve their goal of becoming the first in their families to go to college.

We also oppose the $5.7 billion cut to Pell Grants which would reduce college aid for 9.4 million low income students by 24 percent. Likewise we oppose the $1.1 billion cut for Head Start which would result in 157,000 at-risk children losing education, health and nutrition services. It is unconscionable for Congress to impose drastic budget cuts impacting millions of low income students just months after passing massive tax cuts for the most affluent Americans that cost the US Treasury billions of dollars.

We call on you to hear our petition, oppose H.R. 1, and pass a sensible budget that preserves our national commitment to investing in our nation’s future.