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ACTION ALERT: Contact the FCC to Urge Them To Modernize and Expand E-Rate Program

With the Expansion, More Latinos Have Access to Today's Technology

E-Rate is a federal program that provides telecommunication services to schools, school districts, and libraries through discounts which range from 20-90 percent and are based on urban/rural location, as well as percentage of students in poverty measured by eligibility for free or reduced lunches. According to the U.S. Government Accountability Office, approximately 83 percent of public schools, 14 percent of private schools, and 51 percent of libraries participate in E-Rate. In 1996, only 14 percent of classrooms had internet service; today, 94 percent do!

Today, E-Rate needs to be modernized and expanded in order to keep up with demand and serve more students. E-Rate needs to be simplified, so schools are not discouraged and turned away by a complex application process. It needs to be upgraded to focus on more modern technology. And, the funding available for E-Rate must be increased to bring America’s classrooms into the digital age. E-rate is administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company under the oversight of the Federal Communications Commission. Contact the FCC today and tell them your support expanding and modernizing E-Rate.

Your Action is Needed!

Contact Tom Wheeler, Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, to urge the modernization and expansion of the E-rate program!