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House/Senate Activity

The Senate and House adjourned for the April recess on Friday April 7, 2017. They stand adjourned until the week of April 24, 2017.

Resources for Recess

There are several ways you can help LULAC National with its policy/advocacy work.

1.Participate in an action! Check out and participate in our current action alerts:

Click here to tell Congress to oppose the wall and the criminalization of immigrants
Click here to tell Congress to oppose any efforts to ban
Click here to tell Congress to oppose the repeal of the Affordable Care Act
Click here to tell Congress to elevate Latino priorities to the top of the legislative agenda

2.Participate in a town hall: Click here to look-up a town hall near you.

3.Review tools and materials from LULAC and LULAC partner organizations to help you prepare for meetings with policy makers, community events, and grassroots functions.

LULAC Know Your Rights/Oportunidad App Information: (English) (Spanish)
No Funds for Exclusionary, Enforcement Only Policies Town Hall Guide, Bird-Dogging: Make Them Talk!,
How to Get Media Attention
Indivisible: Missing Members of Congress Action Plan
SEIU: Social Media Activism 101 (English) (Spanish)

Advocacy Sheets (PDF format): Education | Health Care | Immigration | Puerto Rico | LGBT Equality Issues | Voting Rights Act | LNESC