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William Flores

16th president - elected at the 1944 convention. Served one term.

William was born in the town of Socorro, Texas. He was a descendant of prominent Spanish pioneers that settled in New Mexico long before the United States annexed the territory. His father, Don Manuel E. Flores, was one of the most educated and respected Latin American residents of El Paso for half a century. Don Manuel E. Flores' name was solidly connected with the early history of the Southwest.

William attended various schools and a college in El Paso, enlisted in the Army in 1917, served until 1919, and was one of the most active members of LULAC in El Paso. He was secretary, director, president and district director for LULAC in El Paso. During that time he revised and compiled the by-laws of the El Paso Council. He was also a delegate to various district, regional, and national conventions.