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Ramon Longoria

9th president - elected at the 1937 convention. Served one term.

Ramon was born in Live Oak County on September 9, 1893, and reared in McAllen, Texas. In 1938, three years after passing the bar exam in 1935, he received the appointment of consulting attorney for the Mexican Consulate.

His administration helped expand LULAC into the states of California and Colorado. During his administration, a rule prohibiting only one council in each city passed. At the time, there were two councils in San Antonio, Councils 2 and 16. Consequently, Council 16 disbanded. In addition, a great surge in the organization of ladies' councils occurred during his administration, more than had been installed up to that time. A Washington, D.C., council was organized in honor of Senator Dennis Chavez, a LULAC member who had waged a life-long fight against school segregation in Texas.