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Jose Maldonado

18th president - elected at the 1947 convention held in Austin, Texas. Served one term.

Jose was the first medical doctor and the second LULAC member from Santa Fe, New Mexico, to serve as LULAC National President.

During his administration, several important events took place. His predecessor had begun a reorganization of dormant councils and he continued to activate the councils that because of the war had been inactive. New councils were organized and older councils conducted campaigns to increase their membership.

The Most important and real accomplishment of this administration was the decision of Federal Judge Rice of Austin, Texas, U.S. District Court, to abolish public school segregation in Texas. To accomplish this required a great deal of time and effort from the LULAC National President. Jose made two trips through Texas to encourage support for those that were actively engaged in the legal battle. Many of the LULAC members were dubious of the outcome of this legal action. Some lawyers were doubtful, but Gus Garcia and those that surrounded him did not give up. One could not name all those that actively participated in this big effort but Gus Garcia deserves a great deal of credit for the success. George I. Sanchez was another participant.