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Help issue a call on Capitol Hill to support comprehensive immigration reform by joining LULAC’s “I Voted for Immigration Reform” campaign. This campaign will allow you to connect with your members of Congress to let them know that comprehensive immigration reform is a top priority for the American voters. Once you join the campaign, your members of Congress will receive an “I Voted for Immigration Reform” postcard. You can further help by providing three additional email addresses. As a thank you, LULAC National will mail you a campaign sticker.

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Dear Member of Congress,

As a constituent and as someone who voted in the November 6th elections, I strongly urge you to support the passage of Comprehensive Immigration Reform that provides undocumented workers with a pathway to citizenship; addresses employment-based immigration demand by restructuring the system that issues employment visas; and reunites American families by allowing the sponsorship of same-sex partners to immigrate to the US. These issues are important to me and I look forward to hearing from you on your positions on immigration reform. I hope you will consider voting to support Comprehensive Immigration Reform in the 113th session of Congress.

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