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LULAC and Spectrum have partnered to develop this impactful program for Hispanic middle school-aged girls designed to increase their exposure to STEAM fields (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics). Program participants will have the opportunity to take part in STEAM-focused workshops, tech-industry job shadowing, mentorship opportunities, and will have access to academic and career guidance, leadership development, and more.

2019 Cohort - Austin, Texas

Student Items

Media Release Form
Must be submitted by October 15th.
Each student must submit a form for media release purposes signed by a parent or guardian.

Student Entry Survey
Must be completed by October 15th.
Each student participating in the program must complete an entry survey.

Printable Entry Survey

Student Exit Survey
Must be completed by November 30th.
Each student who participated in the program must complete an exit survey.

Printable Exit Survey

Student Spotlight
Must be completed by October 15th / November 30th.
If you are selected for your site's Student Spotlight by your Program Coordinator please complete this questionnaire.

Parent/Guardian Items

Parent Commitment Contract
Supplemental item.
Each site can choose to distribute and collect Parent Commitment Contracts signed by parents or guardians.

Parent Entry Survey
Must be completed by October 15th.
One survey must be completed and submitted per household of participating students.

Printable Entry Survey

Parent Exit Survey
Must be completed by November 30th.
One survey must be completed and submitted per household of participating students.

Printable Exit Survey

Coordinator Items

Mid-Year / Final Reports
All completed reports are due by 5:00 p.m. MST on the due dates shown in the table above. Please submit all reports by emailing them to Melissa Cossio with the subject line "Latina LEADS Reports - Organization Name". You can find templates for each report below.

Updated Timelines
Program Coordinator shall submit an updated timeline if there are changes to the proposed programmatic activities.

Activities Report
Program Coordinators will submit the activities report Excel sheet provided by LULAC Institute with dates and attendance records of program participation for all LULAC / Latina LEADS activities held each month.

Attendance Report
Program Coordinators will submit attendance sheets from all meetings, tutoring sessions, events, etc. held each month.

Media Report
Program Coordinators will submit a minimum of five (5) photos or videos, publish a minimum of four (4) social media posts using the appropriate handles and hashtags listed below, describe how their site's Latina LEADS program is being promoted in the community, and share a minimum of two (2) student, parent, teacher, or principal testimonials of the impacts of the program.

Financial Report
Program Coordinators will be required to submit a budget report along with copies of original receipts for all program expenditures.

Check-In Calls
LULAC will conduct check-in calls to review the progress of your sites. Check-in calls will take place September 6th; October 21st; and December 4th.

The following questions will guide the check-in calls:
- What are the strongest components of your program?
- Describe the most successful achievements.
- Please describe any challenges encountered and what actions you are taking to address those challenges.
- What are some lessons learned?
- Please describe how you are incorporating problem-solving techniques using computer software as part of your curriculum.
-Please describe students' attitudes towards STEAM fields.
- How have the students been impacted by the Latina LEADS Program thus far?

Coordinator Exit Survey
Surveys are due November 30th.
The survey was designed to gather the coordinators input in order to evaluate the program’s success.

Printable Reporting Checklist

If you have any questions please email Melissa Cossio.

LULAC and Spectrum want you to let everyone know how your program is positively impacting the lives of participating students. Program Coordinators are required to document the success of their programs through pictures, videos, testimonials, and social media posts. Promoting the program through different means increased visibility among the community and ensures a higher participation rate by students as well as community members. Showcasing the highlights of the program will also ease the process of securing future funding from community organizations. For both printed and digital materials, please always mention that through the support of Spectrum, the Latina LEADS program offers a unique opportunity for Latina, middle-school girls to increase their exposure to STEAM careers and fields of study.

LULAC will provide each program site with a Latina LEADS banner to enhance marketing done by sites. The banner, should be on display during all Latina LEADS program activities. In certain instances, LULAC National will provide other supplemental marketing materials to be used by sites.


High quality pictures are a great and easy way to showcase the success of each program. When pictures are taken, please post them on social media and submit them by email to Great moments to take pictures include: tutoring sessions, mentoring sessions, field trips, special events, pictures with program branding, students interacting, student milestones, graduation celebrations, etc.

Student Testimonials

Share the human story of the program with testimonials. Program Coordinators should share at least 2 student testimonials or highlights when submitting each report.

Social Media

The creation of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts, events, groups, etc. by each program site is encouraged. These social media tools facilitate the outreach and promotions strategy of each program.

Postings about the Latina LEADS program should go on the LULAC Council or Organization's official pages. By doing this, the local LULAC Council/Organization will increase traffic on their pages as well as showcase Latina LEADS. We ask that you publish a minimum of four (4) social media posts per report.

When using the social media assets to post pictures or updates of the program, please use the following handles and hashtags:



Please inform of your social media schedule when tagging Spectrum.

Latina LEADS Logo

Latina LEADS Seal Logo


Spectrum Logo

Use of Spectrum logo must be approved by

If you are having any trouble accessing or need any of the logos in a different format please email Melissa Cossio.

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