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Youth Charter Application Instructions


Application Instructions

Membership Reminder: Please make sure that you fill out the entire application for new and re charters. Any forms missing will cause a delay in the processing of the charter. Applications for new and re charters are available below or you can call Membership Services at (915) 577-0726.

  1. Contact Information Form/Application for Re Charter: Complete the required information with the name of the person who will be the main contact, this person is usually the council president or sponsoring adult.
  2. New Member Application: Each new youth member is required to complete a 2015 Application for New Youth Members. Two youth members of a neighboring council in good standing may sign to attest to the application. If a local council is not available, two members of the organizing council may sign for the person applying for membership.
  3. Worksheet and Council Membership Roster: Clearly print or type the name, address city/state and zip code, telephone number with area code. Please note that 10 members are required to maintain a council. Include email addresses if available. Please list members in alphabetical order if possible. Also, indicate the elected office of each member: Pres, VP, Sec, Treas, Parl, Chap, and Sgt at Arms.
NOTE: Once the appropriate forms are completed and the dues calculated, make your checks payable to LULAC National Youth for the total remittance due. Remember to always keep a copy of all paperwork and checks for your records. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Lupe Morales, National Director of Membership Services, at 915-577-0726 or via email at Mail check with completed forms to the Membership Office in El Paso, Texas.


2015 Youth Roster

(PDF Format)

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