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LULAC Expresses Disappointment in the Grand Jury's Decision to Not Indict Officer Wilson

November 26, 2014

Contact: Paloma Zuleta

Washington, D.C. – LULAC National Executive Director Brent Wilkes issued the following statement on the grand jury's decision on the Ferguson killing of teenager Michael Brown.

"The Ferguson grand jury's decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of an unarmed black teenager once again exposes the utter failure of our nation's criminal justice system to treat our citizens without regard to race or ethnicity. LULAC is disappointed that now a jury will never hear the evidence in the death of an unwarranted killing of a young person. We cannot permit members of law enforcement to believe they are above the law, with a shoot first mentality. We urge the U.S. Department of Justice to complete their criminal civil rights investigation. Our thoughts are with the Brown family who have not only lost a child but are now left waiting, looking to the federal government for justice."

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