Mario Molina MD,

J. Mario Molina MD

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Friday, September 3

6:10 PM EST

Spotlight-Talking about Health Access & Equity for Latinos and Communities of Color with Secretary Xavier Becerra

The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated the social inequities that have disproportionately affected Latinos and communities of color for decades. With the recent news of a COVID-19 Delta variant and vaccine hesitancy due to misinformation and distrust, it is critical to progress the conversation on COVID-19 vaccine safety and address the myths circulating marginalized communities preventing them from accessing and receiving a vaccine. This panel examines the overall safety and efficacy of vaccines with different types of variants, including the new COVID-19 Delta variant, while addressing the ongoing challenges to get shots in arms. During this conversation, we also explore the different strategies and ways to increase vaccinations and decrease vaccine hesitancy in historically excluded communities

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