Reggie McCrimmon, Sr. Public Policy Associate, Twitter

Reggie McCrimmon

As a Senior Public Policy Associate at Twitter Reggie works directly with Congress, civil rights and civil society organizations on a variety of issues, including workforce diversity and inclusion, digital inclusion, online hate and abuse, media literacy. He also supports Twitter’s work on civic engagement and integrity.

Previously, Reggie worked as a government relations and social impact consultant, representing clients in tech & financial services. Prior to, he spent time on Capitol Hill working for the Congressional Black Caucus and serving as president of the Congressional Black Associates.

Panel Information

Saturday, September 4

2:05 PM EST

Impact Charla: Building a Movement on Social Media

In today’s rapidly changing social media landscape, building a movement can seem like quite the daunting task. However, it is not impossible. In fact, social media presents a unique opportunity to reach millions of people who are interested in understanding the world and making a difference. As shown by #metoo and BLM, movements that start online can have a lasting impact on the “real” world with far-reaching consequences that alter the way we think about topics such as race and gender. This charla with industry leaders will help you learn about these influential platforms to build relevant movements.

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