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LULAC Calls For Immediate Government Assistance For Latino Communities Impacted By The Coronavirus Pandemic

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Nation’s Oldest & Largest Latino Civil Rights Organization Urges Federal Government to Provide Immediate Assistance to Low-Income and Working-Class Latinos Devastated by the Global Pandemic
LULAC is urging the federal government to ensure that the interests of Latinos are represented in all emergency relief aid being negotiated.
This is a defining moment in our history that will test who and what America stands for. LULAC knows that Latino communities and all communities of color in the U.S. are being affected more than others by the spread of coronavirus. How the government responds will impact all of us for a long time. The local, state, and federal government should not use the immigration status of people against them, especially with respect to those seeking healthcare services and government assistance.
LULAC stands by our call to ensure that Latinos are able to access emergency paid sick leave, expanded unemployment insurance and food security programs.
The American economy will suffer if Latino owned businesses suffer. Latino owned businesses need a stimulus that eases the short-term burden so they can continue to support their families and keep their businesses afloat.
We must think about protecting workers in the service industry who earn minimum wage and face the difficult decision between risking catching the virus at work with no insurance or staying home with no pay. This is not a choice that families should have to make.
There must be emergency aid to help with the education, childcare, and school meal programs that many of our families need daily.