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Al Gallegos

President, National Association of Hispanic Federal Executives

Al Gallegos

Mr. Al Gallegos is a native of California, a graduate of San Diego State University and holds a bachelor’s degree in public administration. He was a certified Network Engineer and Instructor. In San Diego he worked for several agencies within the Department of the Navy.

NON-PROFITS: NAHFE - As the President for the National Association of Hispanic Federal Executives (NAHFE), Al has been instrumental in creating new NAHFE Chapters in Chicago. In the past he helped found the Philadelphia, NAHFE DC Chapter, and the NAHFE PhD Chapter in Washington DC. As well as Partnership Agreement with the Dept. of the Army and the Airforce.

He served on the Board of the OPM HCFE and was a member of the OPM Executive Affinity Group. He initiated a National Leadership Mentoring program throughout agencies.

He has organized many “SES” subject specific workshops conducted in Washington DC, Capitol Hill, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Seattle. He is also currently the LULAC National FTI (Federal Training Institute) Program Coordinator.

He has created a National Mentoring Program, organized, and conducted “Flash Mentoring” workshops that were delivered by Senior Executives. He also created, organized, and conducted a “Hispanic Evolution” workshop which provided insight into the evolution of Hispanics within our society, as well as a general recruitment plan for Hispanics within the government. He has been instrumental in partnering and creating NAHFE MOUs with OPM, DOL, USDA, NSF, LULAC, SEA and the American University.

NHLA - In an effort to advance the representation of Hispanics into the Career SES (Senior Executive Service) levels, Al is on the Board of Directors for NHLA and the Co-Chair for the NHLA Government Accountability Committee and the Education Committee. As co-chair, he has met with the following departments and agencies: The White House, OPM, HUD, USDA, USDOJ, DOL, DOI, DOT, VA, Dept of Education and CFPB. NHLA also works closely with the CHC (Congressional Hispanic Caucus) on Hispanic employment issues within the federal government.

GOVERNMENT: His first position in DC was as a Certified Network Engineer with OPM. He served in various roles at HUD and NRC.

At EPA he held a long-term position as Head of IT Contracts Operations and Business Manager for the division. He served as the National Diversity & Inclusion Program Manager.

Supported the Hispanic White House Initiative, served as the EPA rep. for the White House FIWG on Educational Excellence and supported the Diversity and Inclusion Council and reported on the FEORP and MD-715 Management Directives.

He also served on a detail as the Director for EPA CFC Campaign and served as Vice-Chair for the EPA Hispanic Advisory Council. He retired on 01 July 2020.

MILITARY: He is a US Army Signal Corp veteran and proudly completed a tour in Seoul