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LULAC Academy Sessions

Hosting 500 students aged 18 to 25, the Academy will offer a series of workshops alongside the convention's plenary sessions. This unique opportunity enables participants to delve into critical topics such as health, technology, education, politics, and business. Led by industry experts, these workshops will provide valuable insights and experiences that underscore the significance of Latinos and Latino identity in addressing persistent challenges and fostering innovative solutions.

LULAC Academy: Introduction and Opening Remarks

Welcome Address and Launch of LULAC Academy

Vibing Our Message to Capitol Hill

This course is designed to empower participants in leveraging social media to raise awareness about the pressing issue of repatriating our veteran patriots.

Financial Foundations: Building Your Financial Future Blueprint from Budgets to Credit

This course is your pathway to managing credit scores, debt management, emergency savings, identity protection, and budget creation.

Unnatural Causes: Why Are Latinos Getting Sick and Dying Younger?

This workshop will delve into effective interventions, potential pitfalls, and the trajectory of this urgent health crisis.

LULAC Academy: Closing Session - Day 1

Wrapping up day one with reflections on lessons learned and the impactful role of Latino youth in uncovering solutions to pressing societal challenges.

The Power of Green: Latino-Led Divestment Strategies for a Sustainable Future

In this session, participants will be tasked with devising a plan for Latinos to divest from fossil fuel funding, leveraging educational campaigns, financial literacy workshops, community investment initiatives, advocacy for systemic change, and partnerships with aligned organizations.

Weighing the Options: Policy Solutions for Obesity Among Latinos

In this session, we will discuss potential solutions: improving access to anti-obesity medications, implementing effective school nutrition policies, imposing taxes on sugary drinks, and conducting health impact assessments of rezoning efforts.

A More Perfect Union? The Ongoing Struggle for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Latinos have always been an integral part of the American fabric despite facing persistent exclusion and division. Recently, civil rights progress has stalled and even reversed.

If I knew Then What I know Now: Tools for Economic Prosperity

Many Latino communities grapple with persistent financial worries. Limited understanding of fiscal matters coupled with the unpredictable nature of the economy often result in poor credit scores, overwhelming debt, and a sense of disillusionment with the American Dream.

Beyond the Border: Urban Responses to Influx of Migrants

This session will be an engaging dialogue on the influx of migrants to non-border cities. For decades, major urban centers like New York City, Chicago, and Denver have stood as beacons for immigrants pursuing safety and opportunity in the United States.
June 28, 9-9:45am

Navigating AI's Evolution and Its Impact on Latino Communities

Artificial Intelligence is not just cutting-edge tech; from Roomba vacuums to the virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, and ChatGPT that we use every day, AI has already been around for over seven decades.

Building Opportunities: Latinos and the Future of Infrastructure

Reliable infrastructure is paramount for economic growth, national security, and our daily lives, offering improved opportunities for all Americans in employment, healthcare, and education.

Game Changers: Empowering Latino Youth through Sport and the 2026 World Cup

This session is focusing on harnessing the power of sports for social impact, recognizing the critical role of play in shaping the health and development of children.

Embracing the Uncomfortable: An Honest Conversation on Climate Change

Recent natural disasters have highlighted the stark reality of climate change, significantly impacting Latino communities across the U.S. From California to New York, and everywhere in between, climate change has profoundly affected millions.

Latinos and the Future of Voting and Civil Rights

In 2024, democracy is under significant threat, with voting rights hanging in the balance.