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LULAC Academy 2024

Ignite Your Future: Latino Summer Program for Aspiring Young Adults.

What Is LULAC Academy?

Hosting 500 students aged 17 to 25, the Academy will offer a series of workshops alongside the convention's plenary sessions. This unique opportunity enables participants to delve into critical topics such as health, technology, education, politics, and business. Led by industry experts, these workshops will provide valuable insights and experiences that underscore the significance of Latinos and Latino identity in addressing persistent challenges and fostering innovative solutions.

Applications for Academy 2024 are open now!

Featured Sessions

At the core of LULAC's mission lies the belief in the transformative potential of accessible education for all. Embedded within this convention, the LULAC Academy seeks to translate our organization's vast knowledge and values into a meaningful educational experience tailored for young Latinos.

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Program Experience

Dive into a world of transformative discussions, inspirational keynote speeches, and dynamic panels at the LULAC National Convention. Join us for a compelling experience enriched with cultural significance and the latest in advocacy and civil rights.

This summer, make LULAC your home and classroom. Discover what it means to be a Summer Academy student in the city of lights.