Jackie Puente

Executive Director for External Affairs, Comcast Corporations

Jackie Puente

Jackie Puente is the Executive Director for External Affairs at Comcast Corporation, responsible for national partnerships with diverse stakeholders on policy issues that span media, technology, and telecommunications. Throughout her career, Jackie has served as a translator between public, private, and nonprofit entities, and an advocate to empower communities to leverage media, technology, and digital literacy for economic growth. Prior to joining Comcast, Jackie advised Fortune 100 company clients on a range of technology, telecommunications, tax, and utilities related issues. Jackie has a strong reputation for building coalitions on high profile and complex issues combining her passion for media strategy communications, business development, and regulatory affairs at the state, national, and local levels. Jackie serves as an advisor and board member for many national advocacy and philanthropic organizations including the US Hispanic Leadership Institute, the George Washington University’s Cisneros Hispanic Leadership Institute, as well as the American Association of People with Disabilities Technology Forum.

Panel Information

Thursday, March 17

1:30 PM EST

Algorithms, AI and Future of Technology: Why Diversity Matters

The rapid expansion of emerging technologies, the role of algorithms, and artificial intelligence have major impacts on our everyday lives and in the workplace, which is why the lack of diversity among the humans developing such tools is concerning for the Latino community. This panel will discuss the importance of promoting diversity to overcome biases instead of perpetuating them, with guidance from the humans who design, train, and refine its systems – a vital component for the future of responsible technology

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