Rep. Seth Moulton

Massachusetts' 6th Congressional District

Twitter: @RepMoulton; Instagram: @repmoulton

Seth Moulton

Seth Moulton is a veteran, a father, and a Democrat who represents a new generation of leaders in Washington.

Inspired to public service by his most important mentor in life, the great Minister Rev Peter Gomes, he joined the Marines in 2001, days after his college graduation and a few months before the attacks on 9/11. He led a frontline infantry platoon in the first Marine company to enter Baghdad. While he was an outspoken critic of the Iraq War, he proudly served four tours, sharing the view of many of our servicemembers that he didn’t want anyone to go in his place. After returning home from Iraq, Seth earnt joint degrees in business and public policy and became the managing director of Texas Central, building America’s first high-speed rail line. But it wasn't long before he was called to serve once again, this time in his home district in Massachusetts. Seth challenged the establishment with a platform of bringing a new generation of leadership to Washington, willing to fight for progressive values yet not afraid of bipartisanship. Named the Most Effective Freshman Democrat in his first term, Seth has consistently delivered results in a divided Washington.

Seth is a member of the Budget Committee, the House Armed Services Committee and is the Congressional leader on high-speed rail and other next-generation infrastructure on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

Back home in Massachusetts, Seth works tirelessly to support local small businesses and veterans, advance civil rights, and grow the economy.

Most importantly, Seth is the proud father of two girls, Emmy and Caroline. His amazing wife Liz is a sports industry executive, and they live in Salem, Massachusetts.

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