Dr. Theresa Montaño

Co-Chair, LULAC Higher Education Committee

Dr. Theresa Montaño

Theresa Montaño is a Professor of Chicano/a Studies with an emphasis in education at CSU-Northridge. Dr. Montaño has more than 40 years in public education, she taught for 15 years K12 schools before moving into higher education. Montaño is the former CTA Vice President and currently coordinates the public education work for the California Faculty Association. She is active in the movement for Ethnic Studies having served on California’s Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum Advisory Committee. She is actively working with teachers and districts on the implementation of Ethnic Studies programs and curriculum, including work with the Liberated Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum Consortium. She is also co-chair of LULAC’s higher education committee. Her current research includes a project on women of color in union leadership and assorted articles on Ethnic Studies. Her publications include two co-edited books, several research publications, essays and curriculum units.

Panel Information

Thursday, March 24

12:15 PM EST

The State of Latinos in Education: Expanding Opportunities for All

Confronting persistent academic achievement gaps, lowering the cost of college, and lack of representation are only a few issues to address. This panel will highlight key facts, policies, priorities, and initiatives we can implement to create change in our education systems to ensure that all students have access to the quality education they need to reach their full potential.

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