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Tanya Jean Lozano

CEO, Healthy Hood Chicago

Tanya Lozano

Tanya Jean Lozano is an activist, health advocate and community architect battling the many challenges affecting black and brown communities. As founder of Healthy Hood Chicago, Tanya leads a robust portfolio of programs aiming to engage, educate, and empower youth and families in personal and community health, wellness and social justice initiatives. Through her partnerships with Rush Medical Group, the city of Chicago, major brands and other local not-for-profit organizations, Tanya inspires sustainable, healthy lifestyles through co-sponsored programming, event production, creative engagement strategy and community outreach projects. Tanya was most recently recognized as Chicagoan of the year 2020 and recipient of the Red Cross hero award in the category of social justice.

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11:00 AM

Healthcare | Gender Disparities in Health and Healthcare

Gender differences in health and the use of health services are a long-standing concern for the U.S. medical system. This conversation will offer a glimpse into resources, options, and solutions on ways women can take control of their health today and advocate for access to equitable health care. We will consider both the scientific bases of specific diseases affecting Latinas and the social, cultural, economic and environmental factors that increase risk and limit access to therapy. As well discuss the barriers that Latinos face when seeking mental health care, whether it be language barriers, stigma behind mental illness, one’s legal status, etc.

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