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Hon. Lourdes Galvan

LULAC immediate Past National VP for Women

Lourdes Galvan

Lourdes Galvan the eldest of ten children was born and raised in the heart of San Antonio, Texas Westside. She has served for over 50 years and continues to serve in areas of education, housing, civil rights, health, senior rights, economic development and promoting justice and equity through political involvement for her community. Lourdes raised four successful children while working as a civil servant, attending night school and serving her community at all levels of government. Lourdes is a proud member and National Officer of the League of United American Citizen (LULAC) (50 years) where her strength and knowledge has played a vital role in representing the human rights of those that cannot do
for themselves. Lourdes is the immediate VP For LULAC and served 4 years.
Lourdes has a JUST DO IT ! attitude that has brought about Ground Breaking Firsts.

  • Co-Founder and recruited parents to form the first Athletic Booster Club at Sidney Lanier High School.
  • Chief organizer and negotiator with U.S. Urban Redevelopment for affordable housing in the Vista Verde community in San Antonio.
  • National Women’s Employment and Education, (NWEE) Program Director a first of its kind in conjunction with the Department of Labor Women’s Bureau and the City of San Antonio to reduce the welfare rolls and provide education benefits and meaningful employment placement.
  • After 40 years of male leadership Lourdes was elected President of the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) representing 13,000 civil service employees, at KAFB.
  • Co-Founder first internet café on the Westside of San Antonio to bring free Wi-Fi assess for at risk students and community.
  • First Hispanic Woman elected to the City of San Antonio Council , District 5
Today, Lourdes Galvan proudly serves a second term as elected official of the San Antonio River Authority Board and continues to serve on the LULAC National Women’s Commission.

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Women Belong Where Decisions are Made - Corinthian Room

Join us to explore concepts of gender, politics, and power, and related concepts such as intersectionality, patriarchy, sexism, and stereotypes. We turn our attention to two arenas in which gender and politics interact in the US: social and political movements and women as political actors. Examine how women negotiate movements and how gender shapes structure, tactics, and outcomes for both women’s movements (e.g., suffrage, feminist, conservative, #metoo) and other movements (such as the Progressive and civil rights movements).

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