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Caroline Sanchez Crozier

LULAC National Technology Chair

Caroline Sanchez Crozier

Caroline Sanchez Crozier is the Founder and President of CSC Consulting Group (CSC), an IT service provider based in Chicago. She is a 1% Latina entrepreneur in Tech for 35 years, advocate, activist, and philanthropist. Known as a pioneer in the technology field and often referred to as a unicorn for innovative and disruptive thinking and work style. Caroline is proud of her Mexican immigrant roots and is a first gen college graduate. While she began her career in corporate as a CPA, Ms. Sanchez Crozier soon realized her passion and spirit were being an entrepreneur with an equal commitment to advocacy. As such, she has achieved a long successful track record as a servant leader of action and community engagement on behalf of Latinos. Caroline has served as a long-standing volunteer board member of the LULAC civil rights organization currently serving as LULAC National Innovation & Technology Committee Chair; and recently founded Latinx Digital Leaders Now (Latinx DLN), a 501(3) nonprofit whose mission is digital equity for Latinos in education, workforce, and community.

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10:00 AM EST

Latinas in Tech |

This panel will focus on ways in which Latina’s can be empowered to enter the heavily male dominated space of tech. Specifically focusing on education programs that can provide a path into STEM and offer opportunities for Latina’s to build a network with other women in the field.

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