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Mari Corugedo, LULAC Florida State Director

Mari Corugedo

Twitter: @maricorugedo; Facebook: MCorugedo

Mari Corugedo has been a Florida resident for the majority of her life, a graduate of Southwest Senior High School she then went on to earn both her bachelor and master's degree from Barry University. Now she is a successful community organizer, educator, and United Teachers of Dade Building Steward at Jack Gordon Elementary. She was awarded Teacher of the Year in both 2013 and 2015 UTD Steward of the Year while also serving her community as the LULAC Florida State Director and a fierce advocate for public education, bilingual education, and equity for all students.

Through a successful career as a public-school teacher, she’s a revered leader throughout our state. She’s worked tirelessly to improve outcomes for all students ensuring equity in our schools. She’s fought for bilingual-education, voting-rights, health-care, and workers’ rights. She strongly believes that public education is central to the continued health of our democracy and the advancement of our values as Americans. Because of her role as a teacher and community advocate, Mari understands the urgency to step-up and fight against the intentional and dangerous movement of diverting tax-dollars under the mantra of “schools-of-choice” and privatization of our public school system. Mari currently serves as LULAC Florida's State Director, president of council 7233, and a member of the LULAC National Board.

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