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The 2022 LULAC National Youth Convention is finally here! We are so excited to welcome you to San Juan, Puerto Rico for a week filled with engaging workshops, leadership development opportunities, career exploration, civic engagement activities, and much more.

Throughout the week, you will have many opportunities to earn tickets for actively participating in the LULAC National Youth Convention activities and events. Each ticket you earn will serve as one raffle entry for a chance to win prizes daily. The more you participate, the more opportunities you will have to win entries!

As you collect tickets, write your full name on the back of the ticket and insert it into the raffle ticket drum. At the end of each day, the LULAC team will pull the winners for the day. You must be present to claim your prize.




Check-in or post on social media.

Notes: Share your participation in the LULAC National Youth Convention by checking in to the event on social media. You can receive one ticket per day for posting on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. To be eligible to receive the ticket you must tag @LULAC and use the hashtags #LULACYouth and #LULACinPuertoRico. You must show your published post to a LULAC team member to receive the ticket.


Engage with speakers during the workshops. 

Notes: Examples include asking or answering questions, engaging in dialogue with speakers, sharing what you learned, etc.


Complete the daily feedback survey.

Notes: Digital and paper surveys will be available. You must show either the submission screen on your device or submit the completed paper survey to receive the tickets.

1 for 3 stamps

2 for 6 stamps

3 for 9 stamps

Visit the expo and complete the Exhibitor Passport.

Notes: You will receive one stamp at every exhibit you visit that is listed in your passport. Tickets for your passports will be distributed as you enter the room for the closing ceremony on July 29th.

Downloadable PDF of Exhibitor Passport

For questions, contact

Documents & Forms