Monica Beaudette

Office Manager of Beaudette Inc.

Monica grew up in a small town in California’s central valley, she was the eldest of 4 siblings raised by a single mother. She graduated from Patterson High School in 1999 and enlisted in the U.S. Air Force. While enlisted Monia was recognized as ‘Airman of the month’ and received the notable award of ‘Below The Zone’ which is a 6-month early promotion to the rank of E-4 (Senior Airman.) Monica was active duty during the terrorist events of 9/11/01 and, as a result, was deployed in support of ‘Operation Enduring Freedom’ to Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, as well as Ahmed Al Jaber Air Base in Kuwait in support of ‘Operation Southern Watch’ When her enlistment contact was up, Monica decided to return home and began working in public safety as a police dispatcher where she was asked to become a trainer for new employees after one year on the job. Monica was a part of the hiring team and also tasked to create a new onboarding and training program for new hires. In 2017 Monica left her position as a dispatcher to begin and run a consulting business with her husband, Gary. The consulting company, Beaudette Consulting Incorporated (BCI) works with local industries to train and implement lean business philosophy (safety, efficiency, & continuous improvement) They also work with education to develop and teach tailored curriculum including high school career and technical education (CTE) and Stanislaus County Come Back Kids – adults seeking to complete their diploma or GED requirements.

Monica is married, she and her husband have three children. She enjoys playing tennis and hiking. She volunteers with a local organization to provide support for women in substance recovery and foster children. She has also volunteered her time to speak with middle and high school aged youth.

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