Frank Lara

5th Grade Teacher

Frank is a 5th-grade public school teacher in San Francisco’s Mission District who shares his experience as an educator and his love for being a mentor.

“Hispanic Heritage Month is a time for reflection,” says Frank Lara. Not only is it a time to embrace where we’ve come from, but also it is a time to challenge where we are going as a community. This is also the moment to honor those before us upon whose shoulders we stand.

What are we looking for in our life’s purpose? What is it that we want to achieve for our communities to make them better today and for the future? These are the questions upon which Frank’s story invites us to reflect. For Frank, Latino representation in school classrooms is very important and it helps him foster a special connection with his students who remind him of himself as a child. He believes that we can help Latino students through positive encouragement to continue to learn and do better, especially through the hardships of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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