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Pedro Rojas

White House National News Correspondent, Televisa-Univision.

Pedro Rojas

Pedro Rojas is the White House National News Correspondent for Televisa-Univision.

Prior to that, Pedro was a reporter/anchor for KXLN-45 Univision Houston, where he had worked since December of 2004. His last day at the station is Friday, May 23.

Originally from Venezuela, Pedro moved to the U.S. in May of 2001 and began working as a news reporter KSVN Channel 66 in Salt Lake City, Utah. He also hosted a radio show during that time in the Spanish programming at KWCR-FM 88.1 in Ogden, Utah.

In 2003, Pedro became the Executive Producer and news anchor at Independent News Network in Davenport, Iowa where he was responsible for the broadcasting of newscasts for several Univision affiliates in cities such as Salt Lake City, Utah, Amarillo, Texas, and Little Rock, Arkansas.

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Economic Empowerment Session "Fostering Latino Economic Growth" Discussion On Entrepreneurship and Economic Opportunities

Economic challenges and opportunities unique to the Latino community, emphasizing entrepreneurship, workforce development, and equitable access to economic resources. Addressing the need for tailored support and resources to overcome barriers like low-income levels and limited access to college-readiness programs is crucial.

The economic empowerment of Latinos in the United States has become a critical aspect of the nation's overall economic growth. Latinos contribute significantly to the economy, both as consumers and entrepreneurs, showcasing the dynamic role this community plays in shaping the economic landscape

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