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Phil Radford

Chief Strategy Officer, Sierra Club

Phil Radford

Twenty eight years after first knocking on doors for the Sierra Club in Missouri, Phil Radford returned to the Club as the Chief Strategy Officer. Phil has served as the CEO of Greenpeace US; the founder and CEO of, Progressive Multiplier, and Power Shift; and the co-founder of the Democracy Initiative, Membership Drive, and the Grassroots Team. He has a background in grassroots organizing, corporate social responsibility, climate change, and clean energy. New York Times reporter Andrew Revkin referred to a Greenpeace campaign during Radford's tenure as "Activism at Its Best."

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11:00 AM EST

Climate Change Session "Environmental Impact On Latino Communities" Addressing The Disproportionate Effects Of Climate Change

The disproportionate impact of climate change on Latino communities is a significant concern, highlighting the necessity for environmental justice.

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