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Brett Matulis

Communities Program Director, ecoAmerica

Dr. Brett Matulis

Dr. Brett Matulis is the Communities Program Director at ecoAmerica and works to engage the public in climate solutions. His work is concerned with helping community-based national organizations address the country's most pressing environmental challenges. He is guided by the priorities of people whose voices are too often neglected or ignored within environmental decision-making.

Brett is an educator and researcher by training and holds a PhD in Geography from the University of Edinburgh. He previously held a career in academia and has worked closely with the United Nations on a range of climate and environment-related programming. He has lived in four countries and visited many more.

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11:00 AM EST

Climate Change Session "Environmental Impact On Latino Communities" Addressing The Disproportionate Effects Of Climate Change

The disproportionate impact of climate change on Latino communities is a significant concern, highlighting the necessity for environmental justice.

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