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Rafael Agustin

Award Winning Writer, Author and National Film Preservation Board Member

Rafael Agustin

Rafael Agustín was a writer on the award-winning The CW show, Jane The Virgin, is the author of the bestselling comedic memoir, Illegally Yours (Grand Central Publishing), and is a past Sundance Institute Episodic Fellow.

Rafael was the founding Executive Director of the Youth Cinema Project and the founding CEO of the Latino Film Institute. In 2018, LA Weekly named Rafael one of the fifty most essential people in Los Angeles. Also in 2018, the United Nations invited Rafael to speak at their 70th Anniversary Celebration of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In 2022, the LA Times declared Rafael a “Power Player” in their inaugural LA Vanguardia class, and in 2023, Rafael received the Spirit of Los Angeles Award from the Program for Torture Victims.

Rafael is a Board Member of National Film Preservation Board at the Library of Congress, and of Mother Jones Magazine, the oldest nonprofit investigative newsroom in the United States.

Rafael received his AA from Mt. San Antonio College, which awarded him Alumnus of the Year in 2015, and his BA and MA from UCLA’s School of Theater, Film & Television.

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9:15 AM EST

Education Session: "Bridging The Gap In Latino Education" Focus On Educational Disparities And Solutions

Educational disparities faced by Latino students in the United States encompass various dimensions, including access to quality education, cultural relevance, and socio-economic factors. These disparities significantly impact the academic performance and future opportunities for Latino students.

3:15 PM EST

Media Representation and Disinformation Session "Shaping Latino Narratives" Tackling Challenges in Media Representation And The Impact of Disinformation

The accurate and fair representation of Latinos in media is crucial for shaping public perception and empowering the Latino community. Media portrayals play a significant role in how communities are viewed and treated in society. When the media portrays Latinos negatively or inaccurately, it can lead to widespread misinformation and perpetuate harmful stereotypes.

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