José Gaona

National Policy & Advocacy Manager, HECHO

José Gaona

A proud Mexican-American who grew up in Northern California, and resides in Washington D.C. José's strong interests in advocacy, and the U.S. Latino/x population have led him to work with various nonprofit organizations and campaigns across the United States. José formerly served as the national policy and advocacy manager for the country's oldest Latino civil rights organization, LULAC. From there, José moved on to be part of the Bernie 2020 Presidential Campaign where he worked across the campaign's departments to manage projects and collaboration amongst the hundreds of people who made up the campaign's staff while also helping to lead the campaign's Latinx Working Group. José has been part of new innovative labor efforts putting diverse voices at the forefront of national advocacy movements and policy-making with the trailblazing nonprofit, Unemployed Workers United, and has been a leader in the Latinx LGBTQ organizing space in Washington D.C. through his work with the Latinx History Project. Today, José serves as the national policy and advocacy manager for Hispanics Enjoying Camping, Hunting, and the Outdoors (HECHO) which is dedicated to elevating Hispanic voices in public lands conservation.

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