Alan Curtis

President, Eisenhower Foundation

Alan Curtis

Alan Curtis is President of the Eisenhower Foundation in Washington DC. He was a Task Force Co-director on President Lyndon Johnson’s National Violence Commission, Executive Director of President Jimmy Carter’s Urban Policy Group and Urban Policy Advisor to the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development in the Carter Administration. Currently replicating the Quantum Opportunities evidence-based mentoring model in disadvantaged neighborhoods including the Bronx, Dr. Curtis is author or editor of many books, Eisenhower Foundation book-length reports and Kerner Commission updates – including (as Lynn A. Curtis) Criminal Violence, American Violence and Public Policy, Youth Investment and Police Mentoring, The Millennium Breach, Locked in the Poorhouse and (as Alan Curtis) Patriotism, Democracy and Common Sense and the Choice book award winning Healing Our Divided Society. He has degrees from Harvard, the University of London and the University of Pennsylvania.

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Thursday, February 18

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