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David Cruz

Communications Director of LULAC

Twitter: @davidcruzradio

David Cruz

David Cruz is a Media and Marketing Communications Consultant with an extensive background as a broadcast network journalist and commentator in the American landscape.

Cruz began his career in San Antonio, Texas at KWEX TV, the sounding television station that grew to become the UNIVISION Network. He went on to work for CBS News based in San Francisco as a Correspondent for the Pacific Rim and Latin America. He covered the civil conflicts in Central and Latin America as well as the changing political structures of the Far East.

Later, Cruz became a freelance correspondent in Dallas, Texas where he covered the Southwest with a focus on transnational stories affecting the United States and Mexico. He provided reports for ABC network on a range of significant economic, political and social issues. When CNN Radio Network was launched, Cruz was tapped to Anchor the nation’s first syndicated bilingual news broadcast which at its peak reached 88 U.S. markets.

Cruz joined NBC TV in 1996 in Los Angeles where he worked until 2015. He anchored the highest-rated news programs in Southern California and also provided reports for NBC News, MNBC and CNBC Networks. In 2015, Cruz was hired by i-Heart Media, the nation's largest media company as Director of Corporate & Community Partnerships where he developed programming diverse audiences through new media platforms. Cruz also served as a regular on-air news commentator/contributor on Fox News TV.

Today, Cruz is engaged in original new media content development as Producer-Director heading his own consultancy and production company with facilities in Burbank, California and San Antonio, Texas. He trains and staffs Fortune 500 clients in crisis media and brand fusion/editorial campaigns and projects. Also, he is Government Relations Consultant and on-air talent for Salem Media Network, which provides editorial content for 2700 stations in the U.S. Cruz also consults as Director of Communications for the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC).

Panel Information

Wednesday, February 17

2:05 PM EST

The Impact of COVID-19 and Efforts to Vaccinate Our Communities

COVID-19 has had a devastating effect on communities of color, and Latinos have been hit particularly hard. In this session you will hear from leading medical professionals who will dispel myths about the vaccine, and from advocates who are working to ensure communities of color receive the relief they desperately need to recover from the pandemic’s impact.

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