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Welcome to LULAC’s Youth Educational Enrichment Series Webinar Library! Here, you will find all of the amazing webinars that helped shape the YE2S program to what it is today.

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Let's Get Crafty

The "Let’s Get Crafty!" webinar will explore how students can create a resume that highlights their colorful skills and experiences. This presentation is hosted in partnership with Grow with Google, an initiative to help people learn digital skills, prepare for jobs they enjoy, and use their creativity and passion through hands-on computer science activities.


Adulting can be difficult, I'll give you some CREDIT there, but the SCORE is what counts! LULAC, will the help of Verizon masterminds, will guide you through the process of why a credit score is important, how to start and build your credit score and specific Do's and Don'ts in terms of credit.

The Art of Leadership

Our Verizon leaders will explore the art of leadership to help you develop your skill set with a focus on servant leadership, team building, and team management to excel in your day-to-day lives.

#Selfie Sesh

The "#SelfieSesh" webinar will provide students with the tools to be responsible digital citizens. Students will learn about the importance of social media professionalism, the effects of everything we post online, & how to #StayWoke during an ever-evolving technology based workforce.

Tools & Rules

The "Tools & Rules - Creative Thinking" webinar will delve into the importance of creative thinking in your everyday life and in the field of innovation. Learn how creative thinking has led to social innovation in various industries and why it is considered the “mystery ingredient” to a great leader.

The Path to Medical School

"The Path to Medical School" webinar will help students interested in pursuing a career in the medical field gain insight into the steps one must take to prepare while still in high school.

No Better Time Than the PRESENT

The "No better time than the PRESENT - How Chance, Choice and Change Impact Your Professional Journey" will provide students with a better understand of how career paths are increasingly becoming non-linear and identify the top skills and abilities to succeed in the workforce.

Funding Your College Education

The "Funding Your College Education" webinar will help students and parents navigate the different options available ot pay for college while understanding the true costs and return on your investment for pursuing a college degree.

Keeping Up With the Tech

The "Keeping up with the Tech - Virtual Networking" panel discussion features top Verizon leaders who share their experience of transitioning into a remote work environment as well as how they have managed to stay connected with their family, friends, and peers in an online world. Students will learn key strategies for remaining engaged, building networks, and keeping up with the tech in the digital age.

It's Electric!

The "It's Electric!: The Path to Medical School" webinar will connect students with a STEAM professional to learn how to navigate careers in STEAM! Learn valuable tools to reflect on the experiences you have, seek the experiences you may need, and develop a plan of action that will help you succeed as you prepare to pursue a career in the medical field or any other STEAM field.

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