YE²S Coordinator Portal

The LULAC Youth Educational Enrichment Series (YE²S) program is an online 10-month mentoring and webinar series that serves students between the ages of 13 to 18.

As a Program Coordinator, you play a vital role to ensure the success of the program by promoting student participation and engagement as well as helping LULAC Institute evaluate the impact of the program.

The program’s progress and success will be measured using qualitative, quantitative and anecdotal measurements to assess whether:

  • 75% of participants will develop more positive attitudes towards the STEAM fields;
  • 60% of participants will become more self-sufficient in their use of digital;
  • 60% of participants will become more self-confident learners;
  • 75% of participants will intend to continue learning about STEAM fields beyond program participation;
  • 60% of participants will demonstrate problem-solving techniques;
  • 80% of participants’ knowledge of various tech careers and professions will increase;
  • 60% of participants’ parents will better understand the importance of participants graduating on time and pursuing a college education; and
  • 65% of volunteers will have a positive volunteering experience and feel they are having a positive effect on students.

  • October 2020: Let's Get Crafty!
  • November 2020: CHECK Me In!
  • December 2020: Tools & Rules!
  • January 2021: The Art of Leading
  • February 2021: It's Electric!
  • March 2021: No better time than the PRESENT!
  • April 2021: GoFUNDMyself
  • May 2021:#KeepingUpWithTheTech
  • June 2021:#SelfieSesh
  • July 2021: Bring in the ELEMENTS!

To access a printable timeline with webinar descriptions, click HERE.

Coordinator Handbook

This handbook describes the program model, reporting requirements, and includes resources to support you during the implementation of the program.

To access, click HERE.

The Google Classroom platform will be used by LULAC Institute, Inc. to deliver all program forms, surveys, and communications to on-site Program Coordinators. At the commencement of the program LULAC staff will provide a Class Code to you and your students to access the specific Google Classroom that will be used. To access Google Classroom, visit For a guide on how to use Google Classroom, watch the video below:

Guide to Google Classroom

If you have any questions, please contact

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