Youth Educational Enrichment Series

LULAC and Verizon are working to empower the next generation of leaders and elevate the representation of the Latino community through their volunteer corps. Verizon's global network of employees is committed to making an impact in our communities by volunteering for social impact events. Through our partnership, Verizon volunteers all over the country are able to participate in local activities and volunteer events with the overarching goal of fostering digital inclusion, human prosperity, and climate protection.

Roundtable Discussions

LULAC and Verizon are teaming up to bring you a series of virtual cafecitos to engage you in intimate, thought-provoking conversations around awareness days and months throughout the year. Each session will feature Verizon leaders who will share their insight and expertise on the topic of the month.

Professional Development Sessions

LULAC will host quarterly professional development sessions where Verizon volunteers will be available to help you prepare to stand out in the job market. Participate in a 90-minute session to receive feedback on your resume, practice your interviewing skills, and receive career guidance.

Participants under the age of 18 must submit a Parent Permission Form signed by a parent or guardian when RSVP'ing.

Youth & Young Adult Webinar Series

Youth Educational Enrichment Series Program (YEES) is a series of webinars featuring STEAM-focused workshops, academic and career development, essential life skills, and leadership skill-building. The program exposes students to Verizon volunteer role models through webinars and coaching activities.

The Power of Saying 'Thank You'

Verizon volunteers know the importance of serving as role models and saying 'thank you' to heroes in our communities. Through a series of letter-writing campaigns, Verizon has shared letters of motivation and gratitude for high school students, teachers, and essential workers.

Request Volunteers for Local Events

LULAC councils are extended the opportunity to share local events and activities that may integrate volunteers for virtual and/or in-person community events throughout 2022. Events must be scheduled to take place 2-8 weeks in advance. All events will be uploaded to the volunteer platform that is managed by Verizon and must be approved by Verizon. Since this is a volunteer-based opportunity, volunteers are not guaranteed.

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